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Adios 2015


Okay folks, our last show for the year at the good ol’ Roxy on December 5th!

Reasons why you should come:
1) We got some brand spankin new tunes
2) Our next show won’t be until March 2016
3) Most importantly… it’s Saturday night!

Let’s jam.

Halloween at The Hindenburg

Yes it’s been a couple of months since we last performed but we had to wait for a compelling event to get back on stage and tear it up. This Halloween we’re going to possible one of the most appropriate venues for the occasion, the one and only, The Hindenburg!

Event description from the organizers:
“With heavy hitting bands, silk aerial artists and burlesque pin-up girls, the thrilling, diabolically sexy Haunted Circus brings together the most sinfully talented creatures, sinister misfits and devilish deviants you won’t soon forget!”

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Advance tickets

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Cozy Cafe Deux Soleils

Cafe gig

The crew had a wonderful time playing at Commercial Drive’s Cafe Deux Soleils on the very busy Italian Day last Sunday June 14th. We had some one off open mic appearances here before but playing a complete set on their stage with our whole team was truly fantastic.

G’job Cafe Deux Soleils… we’ll meet again!

Return to The Roxy


The last time we played at The Roxy, we had such a killer time with all the lovely people there! This episode involves a longer set with some new tunes on the bill. Thru Colorado takes the stage after us followed by some all-star covers from Roxy’s house band.

Jam at Joe’s Apartment


This next show at Joe’s Apartment marks the half-way point for our Indiegogo campaign, where we continue to raise funds in support of Give the Needy Foundation. And in light of the recent tragedy in Nepal, we have pledged to donate 50% of our earnings from this show towards a suitable Indiegogo campaign funding relief efforts in Nepal.

Come early and enjoy performances by Gabe & the Oh Yeah’s, Alpha Brodega and Mammoth Grove (Calgary) before Mausiki takes the stage. Advance tickets available here.


Party at Princeton Pub

Princeton Pub gig

We play our first show of 2015 with Yesper from Seattle and MG Graveyard from Vancouver. The Princeton Pub has always had a long lasting love affair with local musicians – we’re thrilled to rock out at this fabulous  historic venue. This is the official New Year gig folks!

Year End at Media Club

Railway show

We finalized our year end show (on Saturday Dec 20th) at The Media Club just a week ago!

Sounded like a cool idea to have a blast at this awesome little spot, share some stories behind our music and play our full set along with some coveted covers. But due to an unforeseen, tragic event in Pakistan earlier this week, expect a brief musical memorial as a tribute for the innocent lives lost in the country where music is primarily known as ‘Mausiki’.  We come together to share our joys and sorrows as we meet our friends and followers during the holiday season.

And towards the end of the night, we’ve got DJ AtoZ to keep us on our feet!!!

Adios 2014